• Cross-Fit-7ft-Olympic-BarCross-Fit-7ft-Olympic-Bar
    Crossfit Olympic Bar 7ft/86″ Sprung steel Pro-Bearing Olympic Bar with 6 bearings and dual snap ring closing system with a hard, rust proof chrome finish. This crossfit bar will last a lifetime if properly cared for. This crossfit olympic bar has double snap-lock rings which have additional protection in the form of yellow end caps. This not only protects the end bearings and clips against dirt and dust ingress, but also protect the ends of the crossfit olympic bars from damage should they come into contact with the floor. All these features make this bar possibly the best in it’s class for crossfit use. Crossfit Olympic Bar Dimensions and Specifications:
    • Max load – 2000Lbs
    • 65Mn Heat Treated Steel
    • 6 Bearings in each end: 2 pc needle bearings 4 pc plain/ball bearings (12 bearings per bar)
    • 215.000 PSI, 2000 Lbs max. Load
    • 28mm Spring Steel Shaft x 220cm long x 20Kg
    • Hard Chrome Finish
    • Marked with bot Olympic IWF & IPF markers
    • No central knurling
    • Weight and length tolerance of +/- 2%
    • Dual Snap ring end-cap security, protected by durable sacrificail plastic end cap.
  • Dimensions: L 17.5 x D 3 (cm)
  • Olympic Bar Holder Our new Gym Gear Olympic Bar Holder is the perfect space saving device for holding up to 9 Olympic Bars. Manufactured from heavy duty steel our Olympic Bar Holder incorporates our unique oval tube design.
  • Olympic Hex Bar The Olympic Hex bar (sometimes referred to as a trap bar) might be one of the strangest pieces of gym equipment you will see in the gym today. Don’t let that put you off though, it’s an excellent addition to any serious strength and conditioning set-up. The Olympic Hex bar is a better piece of equipment for going heavier
 on deadlifts as it has the ability to reduce tension on the lumbar spine whilst developing lower body power. The Olympic Hex Bar does this by allowing the user to step “into” the hex bar rather than stand behind it. This means you will be able to drive more weight off the floor with your hips and legs in a more upright position without the strength of your back coming into question. The Olympic Hex bar is also a useful tool for teaching beginners how to deadlift without the dangers of weak backs and poor flexibility hindering their progression, and for tall athletes who struggle to deadlift conventionally. Dimensions: L 73 x W 25.5 x H 6 inch
  • Olympic Tricep Bar This Olympic Tricep Bar features a brushed steel finish for increased durability and grip. It is a standard fixed olympic tricep bar with no bearings. The rectangular shape of the olympic tricep bar and it’s two parallel handles in the center offer fantastic grip for users. This tool not only works on the triceps, it also targets other parts of your upper body.
  • Premium-Bars
    Premium 5, 6 and 7ft Olympic Bars (1500lbs tested) The Gym Gear Premium Olympic Bars are 1500lbs rated and feature heavy duty bearings. 7ft Olympic Bar - Heavy Duty Bearings / 1500lbs Rated / 32mm Bar / 20kg Steel Bar Weight 6ft Olympic Bar - Heavy Duty Bearings / 1500lbs Rated / 30mm Bar / 18kg Steel Bar Weight 5ft Olympic Bar - Heavy Duty Bearings / 1500lbs Rated / 30mm Bar / 16kg Steel Bar Weight
  • Standard-Olympic-Bar
    Gym Gear Standard 7ft, 6ft & 5ft Olympic Bar Steel (700lbs Tested) Bar Features: 7ft Bar – 700lbs Rated, 32mm Bar / 20kg Steel Bar Weight 6ft Bar – 700lbs Rated, 30mm Bar / 18kg Steel Bar Weight 5ft Bar – 700lbs Rated, 30mm Bar / 16kg Steel Bar Weight  
  • Standard Olympic EZ Curl Bar Steel The Standard Olympic EZ Curl Bar will take your training to a whole new level. It’s curled handle helps with users grip, even with wet hands, and the strong steel has been used for durability. This Standard Olympic EZ Curl Bar is great for isolating forearm and upper arm muscles and is a fantastic addition to any workout. Key Features:
    • 700lbs Rated
    • 28mm Bar
    • 10kg Steel Bar Weight
      700lbs Rated