• SpeedFit’s new way of running helps you burn fat and calories faster and more efficiently than any other fitness concept to date with its innovative toe running approach. It is the same basic concept used in the training of a sprinter for a 100, 200, 400 meter dash. Landing on the ball of your feet pushes your body forward and uses more muscle groups at one time than the traditional heel strike first method used by many runners. • Innovative curved treadmill design conforms better to your stride • Reduces joint impact and improves performance • Smooth, quiet belt system with ZERO maintenance requirements • No bounds, No controls, Just RUN. • Effortless Running • Walk, jog, stop, spring, instantly, with no intervention other than just shifting your body forward and back, not having to touch any buttons. No bounds, no controls, just RUN. Curve Innovation patented curve design conforms better to your stride and encourages running on the balls of your feet, both reducing joint impact and improving performance. Treads Engineered for light weight and incredible strength, the treads are moulded from an advanced composite material and incorporate a soft shock absorbing cover, which together provide just the right spring and shock absorption while handling the high loads and long life requirement. Zero Maintenance System Tread belt system is a strong foundation for the precision ball bearings and rollers that support a belt-tread system. The end result is a smooth, quiet belt system with ZERO maintenance requirements. Dimensions: Length 1620mm x Width 760mm
  • T98e Performance Series Commercial Treadmill The Gym Gear T98e Performance Series Treadmill not only looks good, but is built to last; with performance, convenience and durability at the forefront of its design. Featuring Quick Shift Paddles the user can conveniently adjust the speed and incline during exercise. The 18.5” TFT Clear Touch Console engages users with Virtual Go interactive workouts, mobile app FitGoal, and a variety of connectivity options. Performance Clear Touch Console Features a bright TFT display with intuitive controls. 18.5” on the Treadmill, 15.6” on the Cross Trainer and Bikes. Fitness Profile: Choose your favourite workout profile with selection from Sport, Lap or Simple mode. Fitness Programs: Includes Goal Training, Heart Rate Control, Physical Test and various workout modes. Virtual Go: Interactive workouts featuring 10 stunning sceneries via new clear touch display. Example - Along the Beach - With the soft sand beneath your feet and the turquoise waters by your side, you may never want to stop running. Social Network: Stay in touch with friends through the most popular social networks and share your workout experience. Calendar/Bulletin Board, Class schedule and facility events at a glance. Entertainment: Enjoy digital TV or music on your phone with our iOS and Android compatible system Key Points
    • Motor: 4HP AC (continuous) 6HP Peak
    • Speed: 0.5 – 25km/h 0.3-15.6mph
    • Elevation: 20% (0-20 Levels)
    • Programs: Quick Start, 6 Preset Program, 3 Goal, 4HRC, 7 Physical Test, 10 Virtual Go Heart rate monitoring Telemetric
    • heart rate receiver & integrated hand pulse sensors
    • Deck & Belt: Reversible deck / Pre lubricated running belt
    • Maximum user weight: 182kgs / 400lbs
    • Dimensions: L 215 x W 923 x H 157 (cm)
    • Clear Touch Console: Listen to music, watch TV and movies, or engage in one of the interactive Virtual Go programs on
    • the 18.5” screen. Share your workout stats on social networks. Check what time your next class is on.
    • FitGoal: Download the FitGoal app to your mobile & track your workout history, set targets, & keep motivated.
    • Virtual Go: Immerse in a revolutionary workout experience. Dynamic video content allows you to run through
    • Alpine mountains, Hike up Canyons, or take a jog on the beach. With 10 stunning sceneries to choose from.
    • Quick Shift Paddles: Change speed and incline safely while running.
  • T98 Performance Series Treadmill The Gym Gear T98 Performance Series Treadmill is the LED version of the T98e touchscreen version. With a simple but stylish LED display, this machine is very easy to use. Featuring quick shift paddles, the user can conveniently adjust both the speed and incline during exercise. New Features:
    1. Adjustable Fan: Multiple fan levels that provide cool breeze as you exercise.
    2. Goal Bar: Goal Bar provides target status feedback which encourages you to reach your workout target. Target length can also be adjusted in Goal Bar during your workout.
    3. Storage/Reading Rack: An extra compartment suitable for reading material or electronic device.
    4. Quick Shift: Quick Shift makes easy and effective adjustment to Speed and Incline to accommodate your exercise mode during workout.
    5. Extra Large Running: Surface Featuring extra wide 23 inches running surface for utmost comfort.
    6. Safety Stop: Safety Stop detects when a machine is running without user and stops the machine for safety measure.
    7. 20% Incline: Featured M8 is 20% Incline for who demand rigorous hiking exercise.
    And much more! Specification:
    • 20% incline (20 levels)
    • 0.5 – 25 kmh (0.3 – 15.5 mph)
    • Manual, Preset Programs, 3 x Goals, 4 x HRC (Heart Rate Controlled), 7 x Physical Tests and also a Customer / User program
    • 4HP AC Motor (Continuous)
    • W 55cm x L 153cm Running Belt
    • Reversible running deck and pre lubricated running belt
    • 200kg Maximum User Weight
  • The Gym Gear T97 Treadmill is a well built and heavy duty, fully commercial treadmill that delivers reliability in abundance. The computer display is simple and easy to use with a variety of programs to choose from. Quick speed and incline keys allow the user to reach a set speed or elevation level with a single press of button. Powered by a 3HP continuous AC motor and with a top speed of 20 km/h it caters for both novice and professional users. Simply Strong: The Gym Gear T97 Treadmill combines the smooth design with rock solid durability Ergonomic Design: 2 x Integrated bottle holders / accessory trays provides comfort and convenience Heart Rate Monitoring: Heart rate chest belt provides runners with accurate “hands free” heart rate monitoring Motivating Workout Variety: Various work out programs to provide different training needs. User programs for customized setups.

    Key Points

    • Motor: 3.0HP AC Continuous (5HP Peak)
    • Speed: 0.8 – 20 km/h (0.5 – 12 mph)
    • Elevation: 15% (0 – 15 Levels)
    • Running Deck: L 153cm x W 55cm
    • Programs: Quick Start, 6 Preset inc Chester Treadmill Test, 2 x User & 2 x Heart Rate Controlled
    • Heart Rate Monitoring: Telemetric heart rate receivers & integrated hand pulse sensors
    • Deck & Belt: Reversible deck / Pre lubricated running belt
    • Maximum user weight: 182kg / 400lbs
    • Dimensions: L 216cm x W 93cm x H 148cm
  • T95 Light Commercial Treadmill The Gym Gear T95 (Light Commercial) Treadmill delivers both power and running feel for serious runners. Features including quick keys for speed and incline adjustment, a built in cooling fan, hand pulse and telemetric heart rate and a large 152cm x 50cm running belt area. Key Points
    • Usage: Light Commercial for upto 5 Hours of daily use
    • Display Feedback: Time / Distance / Heart Rate / Calories / Speed / Incline / Pace
    • Motor: 3.0HP AC (Continuous) 5HP Peak
    • Speed: 0.5 – 12mph / 0.8 – 20km/h
    • Elevation: 15% (0 – 15 Levels)
    • Programs: 40 Programs, 1 Target, 3 Heart Rate Controlled, 1 Fitness Test & 2 Custom
    • Deck & Belt: Reversible deck / Pre lubricated running belt
    • Dimensions: L 197cm x W 83cm x H 146cm
    • Maximum User Weight: 180kg / 395lbs
  • Gym Gear T95 Rehabilitation Treadmill The Gym Gear T95 Rehabilitation Treadmill is made with the finest quality care and materials. The Treadmill provides the best and safest support for all your rehabilitative programs. The Treadmill offers a large surface and a 180kg user weight capacity. Adjustable Handrails: They provide firm and ergonomic support to users of all sizes (and can also be for Paediatric use) and limited mobility, without obstructing the training space. The adjustable handrails enable users to adopt different positions and by extending out over the back of the equipment, provide support when accessing and exiting the treadmill. Key Features:
    • Small speed increments of only 0.1 km/h for maximum safety!
    • Low step up height for easy access.
    • CE approved
    • Dimensions: L 197cm x W 83cm x H 146cm
    • Max User Weight: 180kg / 395lbs
    • Display Type: 8x 16 Dot-Matrix w/Message Window + HR Status Bar
    • Quick Speed: 4 Key
    • Quick Incline: 4 Key
    • Running Belt: L 152 x 50 W (cm)
    • Roller: 70mm (2.7”)
    • Motor: 3.5HP AC (Continuous) 5HP Peak